The Dark & Light at the End of a Year

The end of a year can hold great memories and also challenges of things not gone so well. 

That’s what makes it a great time to make a new decision on how you want to lead your life as a New Year approaches.

Let me be frank…I’ve worked with hundreds of people through my career and while so many people talk about moving forward…few know how to do that and succumb to default patterns and settling with whatever is happening. Most people settle far too soon for circumstances that aren’t ideal.

Sure they makes tweaks and little changes and some good stuff happens too…but the interesting thing is old patterns return easily.

Things they thought they’d dealt with 20 years ago crop up again and they find themselves stuck in a “bad movie” where things are repeating.

This is no way to feel excited or happy with life. It can feel more like a hamster on a wheel. Always busy, always issues, likely a fair amount of drama.

And then sometimes…actually, far too frequently…when the changes haven’t been made, other issues or problems crop up too creating more delays or upsets.

I rarely talk about this darker side of not changing, but as we’re closing the year, I believe it merits attention because only by acknowledging the dark can we get to the light.

What is the light?  

The light is your life fully expressed with you intact…in joy…with inner peace…no longer in conflict within…and of course, receiving the material rewards from your hard work, diligence and true talents.

Too many successful people find themselves feeling like things are going backward, often around mid-life. There is a reason for this.

It’s not meant to be a punishment. It’s a wake up call that it’s time for a change to the WAY you’re moving through life

You have changed. Your life is different. AND, it is asking you to take notice and evolve with it so it CAN deliver what you want.

The only question is…are you willing to stand up for your real desires, your own truth? Are you willing to invest in your life dream & vision rather than supporting everyone else, being distracted, or fearing you still don’t know what you want? 

Will you commit to a new way forward for yourself this time?

If you are truly fed up with the circles of happiness/upset and feeling like you’re life is being tossed around…then I invite you to talk to me now.

The reason that I don’t take this time of year totally off is that it is such a potent week for people to reflect and commit to a fresh new journey. I choose to be available for those people who are serious about creating a better future for themselves and their loved ones. I have time right now to book a call (today until 5 pm PST and possible tomorrow) if you’d like to receive my coaching expertise.

I have seen so many people make important shifts that have really opened them up to a brighter life experience, personal fulfillment, and professional success/profits…that the value of this work is undeniable.

If this calls to you, and you “get it”, and you understand how making an investment in you now can 10x that for the future you’ll be able to create, then do reply and we’ll talk asap! Believe me, there’s something about stepping in before Jan 1st that will switch the energy and have you fully supported.

Jasjit Rai is a Certified Coach who loves guiding those with great dreams, life visions, and desires beyond the ordinary. Equipped with a spacious intuitiveness and the precise awareness of creating change, she can be reached at

The Dark & Light at the End of a Year
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