The Gift of Perception


I took this photo the other day while out walking with a friend. We were in full conversation, but a little feeling had me suddenly turn and look up to see this image. Interesting scenes and patterns tend to stop me in my tracks when out and about. It’s like there’s a whisper, “Look here,” and I suddenly turn to see something that everyone else walks past.

I found this image arresting – a group getting ready to be photographed, clad in business suits. Viewing them from my vantage point added a different feeling, perhaps another part of the story…like the hill/mountain they likely had to climb to get where they are.

I realize that’s the way it’s always been with the work I do…the people I guide, teach, coach and even back in my consulting days…I notice very particular things about them and know if they are SEEN AND ARRANGED IN A CERTAIN WAY, shifts and transformative growth will naturally occur. It’s about knowing what to bring to the foreground and what to send to the background. It’s not linear.

It’s full-on creative perception.

And when I think of the people I consider geniuses, they are all creative. They see and work multi-dimensionally. They inspire awe because they can see things. They make you look at things that were invisible before. This is the link between my love and passion of art and the work I am currently doing.

So many people over the years have told me or suggested (even when I don’t ask them) that I have to choose – who are you, a Coach, an Artist, a Nia teacher, a Consultant, a Stylist…? “You can’t be them all.”

Why not?

Entrepreneurs rarely where one hat. I love offering a full service to my clients – after all transformation requires that. Most of my high-end clients have joined coached with me, joined my dance movement classes, and hired me for wardrobe styling services – they get that it’s ALL connected – who they are, how they feel, and what they will express. They get to experience a transmission of energy wherever they enter and that gives them a confidence to go further.

The kind of guidance that makes you exclude part of you to succeed is so short-sighted and a great way to keep someone in a box, holding back what is their genius to express. Sure we all may need to focus on something for a period of time to develop it to a certain point, but it’s best not to make it at the exclusion of our inherent brilliance and ability. It’s much better for the soul to aim for the long run. After all, nature provides and uses everything.

It’s delicious showing someone something incredible about them that they’ve failed to see or own, and SHOWING THEM HOW TO BRING IT OUT AND USE IT powerfully whether to change their life so they come alive, grow a business and make money, or create a work of art.

Are there parts of you that you’re hiding that are actually the treasure in you? That’s a conversation worth having.

Jasjit Rai is a certified coach who guides purposeful people to creating their fuller dreams so they come alive and savour all that they were meant to be and express.

The Gift of Perception
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