What is it time for in your life? More joy, aliveness, self-expression, passion, success, ease, clarity? Such a way of living is 100% available for you when you make a decision to have it. To do that, you must step out of living in default mode and become aware of that which matters deeply to you, that which makes your soul deeply happy.

To live your dreams and potential, you must see them clearly, recognize your truth, and step forward to honour their guidance and presence.

Imagine becoming radically in resonance with your truth, your joy, your life passion. How would that feel? What would become possible for you

Now, imagine beginning to steer your life towards what you really want, to say a full YES to you. When you choose to step more fully into your being and expression, a new energy can take hold that's able to expand your life in the direction you desire. Your empowerment is within your own hands.

That is what transformational life coaching is about. As you make shifts within, the outside changes. Which areas of your life are calling for the most attention right now? What would absolutely thrill you, warm your heart, or bring you 'back to life'?


Life is a gift and when you take actions towards the life that is yours to live, you will receive more of what is a match instead of ending up with things that aren't a fit. The mismatch of compromises and false hopes creates a lot of stress and can make us feel like we're doing something wrong which diminishes our confidence. 

Instead we can shift our view to see what's really happening and choose that which will uplift and strengthen us.

The feeling of aliveness that turns into positive action occurs when a person keeps evolving over time, rather than staying stuck out of comfort or familiarity. Nothing can remain static. By allowing ourselves to follow our inner desire for change, we line up with what's next.

While no life is devoid of disappointment and challenges, it's up to us how we respond and what we create. And as complex as life can appear, there is always a way to intentfully choose that which is deeply important. As the well-known saying goes, every journey starts with a single step

The beauty is that you don't have to do it alone. When you're aiming for a new life experience, you can choose to receive expert guidance to help you get clear and make the changes you really desire. This decision sends the signal that you're serious, you're ready, and it's time. From that new things that are right for you will unfold.


Have you ever truly realized that your life was freely given to you? Your molecules didn't just accidentally bump into each other and form you! Lol. You were consciously created. And that's exactly the power within you that allows you to write and live a new story.

Once this sinks in at a deep level, you will realize it's up to you what you do with it. And that can be truly liberating, no matter what has gone before.

Being fully available to your desired life direction often mean an un-peeling of what you have likely picked up along the way. What rules are still working and which ones are now outdated and ineffective? The more you desire to grow and live your ideal life, the more you'll need to change the rules of what's possible for you.

The beauty is that when you make the decision towards that YES to you, the energy in your life will gather to uphold it!


What Do My Clients Say?

"I recently realized I could benefit from coaching and worked with Jasjit. My plan is to start a new business that is both fulfilling and financially sustaining while I transition from my old career. The current work allows me to lead a good life, however it’s not bringing out all of me and the way I really want to contribute in the world. It also gets in the way of the lifestyle I want to lead and the relationships that I want to build.

The work with Jasjit helped me see how my concerns around practicality and what my mind thinks is possible were getting in the way. This would sometimes lead me to feeling constrained and frustrated. She showed me how to open my thinking to allow for more expansion. This shift in perspective created more room for me to really consider what I’d love to do and what I’m capable of. I realized I was starting at the “wrong” end and the path she outlined would actually lead me more directly towards the fulfillment and financial well-being that I actually envision." M. Ehab, Vancouver

"Jasjit really helped me work through some buried emotions, to see the truth, so I could  start focusing on my desires. The very next day after that first session was a record day with potential clients!" Angela, USA

"I received confidence. I received clarity in who I am. I was seen as being a powerful woman by another powerful woman and that meant a lot to me. And I have a plan and dates on the calendar of things to do, all of which were severely lacking. But that doesn't even speak to the energy of the coaching intensive and what that gave to me! Thank you!" V. Johnson, Texas

"I just began my coaching journey and very quickly began to have more focused energy to do the things I really desire. I find I'm more present and my creativity 'pot' is simmering again. I'm able to stay in the process and enjoy it rather than having it feel like a chore. Things are requiring less effort and I am developing my ability to re-connect more within." Judy

"What compelled me to request a session?   The gift of an unexpected invite at one of the most crucial periods in my life. What I found most helpful was the idea of Jasjit “holding open a space” (like a reservation at a fine restaurant!) for me to explore my untapped possibilities. She was able to be direct and genuine/heartfelt. Working with her had me realized that I’ve been living in a “contracted” state on and off for too long. I definitely recommend working with her, especially if you recognize yourself repeating old patterns ad infinitum!" Debbie, Vancouver

"I thought about a lot of things after yesterday's session and I realize I haven't been doing much to live my best life. I always dreamed about things but never really made anything happen.  I always felt trapped in some form or another and I think that has impeded me from taking the necessary actions to improve and get closer to my dream. Something snapped and I saw that I must make changes to achieve my goals. I appreciate your guidance." R. Chan

"It’s great to get clarity about the things that matter to me.  And sometimes we all need help getting from one point to the next.  The coaching helps to clarify what’s important to me, what the next steps are, and how to make space by letting go of what no longer serves me.  It’s been a real blessing." Danny, Los Angeles 

"I would've never been able to do this alone. I wanted to thank you, since our meeting on Friday I have felt a surge of energy, of strength and inspiration. Thank you!" Christine, Vancouver

"I continue to feel increasingly empowered to make change in my life and that I CAN do what I wanted to. That I CAN find a way. It is exhilarating. POSITIVELY exhilarating. The balance is shifting. I can feel it. It's wild." Krisztina, Urban Planner

What Results Have My Clients Gained?

The results my clients have gained include the following:

Successfully changing careers and landing new jobs, starting and growing new businesses, moving homes/cities, expanding their life in tandem with their partner, creating an online business presence, networking with the right people in a new industry, developing momentum in artistic pursuits (writing, music, art), running public workshops and more.

In terms of inner changes: increased self-confidence, confidence to perform publicly, feeling empowered on a regular basis, experiencing excitement and joy after years of difficulty, creating a life of one's own design, learning to get own needs met, enhancing well-being and relationships, creating ease, and more. Life coaching is a holistic process and tends to many facets of life!

I'm a firm believer in working with material goals AND on an emotional and energetic level. We all need to see results when it comes to empowerment. Having that built on a foundation of a strong inner confidence and the vibration of joy allows the empowerment to last and grow!

Request a free private 1:1 consultation to see where you're really at and be able to make decisions on what's next. If you're a match, you'll be quickly booked for a session.

My clients often need to show up in NEW ways because the 'same old' no longer works or fits. They desire to embody a fuller way of living. They may feel they're living a life they've been taught to live dictated by everyone but their true self, caught in busyness or fear, and unable to move from a more clear and centred place. They long to wake up and make decisions that are based on what they really want and who they are today. Is this sounding familiar?

If so, dare to go beyond the wondering of, “Is this all there is?” and find out what's truly possible for you. If you've been feeling an inner tug to wake up and take charge, this moment is an important time in your life asking you to listen and pay attention

You are being invited to step into more of who you are.


What will make you a good fit for this level of coaching?


A Desire to go Beyond

This type of coaching works well for those who are ready to create positive new change now and willing to see what more is possible for them. Packages are 3-6 months depending on the level of  inner and outer transformation you'd like. The investment to begin is $3k.

Deep Desire for Growth

A deep desire for growth and change is what will pull you forward to create it. Without it, it's too easy to stay in the status quo of your current life. You'll need to be available to re-think your points of view, and act in new ways of being and doing.


Optimism is a prerequisite as it brings an open mind from which to create. If you're default tends to be overly "realistic" or negative - meaning limited thinking and you're not available to shift that, then little will sink in. The more you're willing and ready to lean to the side of optimism, will make all the difference.

Creativity and Fun

Given the above, it's essential to have fun on a journey like this! A playful approach creates ease. The more willing you are to act in creative, resourceful, and fun ways - the easier it will be for you to see results.

High-Level Life & Success Coaching: from Burnout to Joy & Success

Are you an Entrepreneur or Leader experiencing elements of burnout, overwhelm or stress? Check out this page.

New to Coaching?

While my coaching packages are designed for bigger dreams, newcomers are welcome to book 3 sessions to gain clarity and experience the impact of private coaching for a specific issue. For that, no consultation is required. You can go right ahead and book here (limited sessions available per month). A message to book a time will be sent to you within 24 hours.

I created Joi Works in 1999 to bring out the best in people so they can shine and live the life they dream of, personally AND through their life calling and work. You being the real you is what creates the life you want!

I've worked with well over a 1000 people individually and through corporate, higher education, and the non-profit sector - coaching, consulting, teaching, and public speaking. 

Before the age of 30, I had travelled to 20 countries and held jobs in Canada, Britain, and Switzerland. Next, I began a consulting business to help organizations foster the culture that creates great performance. I also taught at the university level.

Now my business specializes in private coaching and my clients are from around the world, which occasionally leads me to travelling internationally. 

Creativity is my fuel. I've studied art, design, fashion (in Paris), writing...each adding to my life and business. I have a Black Belt in the Nia dance and movement practice and have been teaching since 2001. I bring these gifts to clients who desire to expand their self-expression and presence.

I'm here to support you in expanding to live a more fulfilling life, where you'll be empowered to be you and bring more of your gifts out into the world, creating a beautiful ripple effect!  

Let's talk.