Emotions during the Solar Eclipse


I noticed an ominous ‘fear’ as I sat inside waiting for the solar eclipse, just an emotion, nothing specific.

Later I learned that astrologically, the shadow coming “over” the sun was during the sign of Leo. Leo is about the heart. The shadow coming over…metaphorically represented a moment where the heart is eclipsed. {I happen to be born in the sign of Leo…maybe I could feel this from a personal level?}

Curious…it had me sense that there may be something to this celestial experience after all. Should I go out, should I stay in…?

A small crowd began to grow in the park across the street. I decided to join them last minute.

As I sat outside, I felt a strong emotion suddenly…that feeling of everyone as one, UNITY. It was accompanied with a deep sadness as any sense of human unity has been missing for a long time now, it seems.

Just a few moments of this reminded me that it does exist below the surface when we take away all divisions we create. I could have cried.

In those moments, with all these strangers standing around waiting, watching, sharing their eclipse glasses and pinhole cardboard boxes with each other, simply together to witness…there was a palpable innocence.

So beautiful.

It reminded me of the joys of early school years…all us little strangers packed together on school field trips…experiencing life as a unit, yet independent spirits…

An absolute *delight* were the crescent moons reflected all over that I had no idea to expect.

Sweet little visions.

Crescent moon shapes, Solar Eclipse 2017.
Emotions during the Solar Eclipse
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