Welcome. There are time in life when we must get ready to look deeper and make some valuable and meaningful changes in order to progress in a way that is true for us. It's that openness, willingness, and intent that will have you succeed. After all, 'seek and ye shall find' is a universal law.

I invite you to read this page to get clear on your next step. You may want to reach out to have a conversation. Whatever led you here, may it guide to exactly what you need.

Now, to get on with who you are, what you may be looking for, what this offering is, and where I may fit in...

What Brings You Here?

You're created success and can be called a high performer. In fact, it may feel so natural that you rarely consider your progress and may only see what to tackle next or the problems at hand.  You've likely gone through many challenges, too, along the way. It's in this place, that you have come to know the gift of success, its responsibility, and at times, its cost.

As much as we climb towards it, success can come at a cost to relationships, joy, aliveness, innovation, and inner peace. There are too many stories of this being the case. It doesn't have to be that way. Inner reflection and creating a new vision, one that takes into account who you are today, is what can ensure that life remains fresh, meaningful, and purposeful.

On the other hand, you can have a life and business picture that looks 'perfect' yet find yourself having a different kind of challenge, even an inner ache where you wonder, "Is this all there is?" There may be an explicable urge for something more, something less definable that calls to you. This is as important as any practical challenge.

When these thoughts, situations, or questions arise, it is time to go deeper and see through new eyes into new fulfillment. Your inner self and growth are essential aspects of this. Coaching is an expertly guided methodology that is able to lead you forward on through this path.


Life can suffer when we get too caught in the pursuit or busyness of the work world or to feel stretched. It doesn't have to be this way. In fact, having a highly functional work life AND fulfilling personal life is a priority for many. This is where private coaching can be a game changer.

As you are guided to honour your deeper priorities and live your true vision, you will find a sense of greater space in your world and become more at ease. Your decision-making will become clearer, your trust will strengthen, and your outlook on life will brighten as you put first things first. As you change, those around you will notice and your relationships will be given a chance to deepen and flourish. Your inner life will have space to breathe again.

It is a process that requires dedicated attention and real change from within, but through it, what you gain will truly be priceless. The journey is designed to empower and free you from the inside out. The changes you experience will be lasting. Real empowerment always is. 

The People Who Work Exceptionally Well With Me

I've worked with diverse people in/from various countries over the years, and in different industries. Certain patterns showed up that bring about excellence when working together .

These include a keen self-awareness and conscious desire to progress in life. My clients tend to be high performing, focused, determined, clear, decisive, while being down-to-earth. They value my intuitive sense along with the way I perceive and approach things. They are interested in new ways of being, thinking and doing. While they are naturally intelligent, they seek new perspectives to enhance their life, relationships, business, and personal fulfillment. They need someone who can understand them and keenly guide them through the process of asking the right questions and listening intently for what needs to be heard and said.


What Sets My Clients Apart?

Desire and commitment to real positive change is key. Not everyone wants this! Some are content going through life as long as it seems to 'work' or even if it's falling apart. So, an interest in growth, optimal functioning, and self-awareness does set my clients apart. The belief that a healthy business and life are available is a foundation. Conscious awareness of the impact one has in the world also drives the people whom I coach. They're willing to do the work to shift the the momentum in the right direction, creating deeper and lasting change.

The coaching relationship is a unique one. It requires a certain connection, mutual respect, a willingness to find truth, and the ability to have conversations of both intensity and lightness - leading to inner knowing and the ability to take new actions in the desired direction. It can be invigorating and your life will undoubtedly get richer when you become available to it.

Why Do High Performers Choose Private Coaching?


A key reason is to have someone who is outside their immediate world and skilled at a deeper level of listening, perceiving, and guiding. It's easy to get disconnected from self amidst the busyness and challenges of success. The people around you can sometimes agree with you in a desire to be supportive or win your approval. It's useful to have someone who can hear your questions and doubts, knowing that they are simply steps to a new level of growth.

It can make all the difference to talk about plans and visions before steps are taken, to clarify pieces that may need further exploration. High-level intuitive guidance can have you feel seen and understood in a way that your partner, colleagues, or close friends cannot provide.

While focus and determination are significant to achieving goals, my clients appreciate having someone who can understand the subtle nuances within interpersonal relations and communication. 

It's easy to drop the ball on certain aspects of life when there are too many requests on your time, personal issues crop up, or there's simply a lot going on. It helps to have someone there who is able to guide you to rebalance, return to centre, put your real priorities first, and reconnect to self. Being guided to slow down the thinking process enough so that the right decisions can be made has profound results.

Success is a coveted journey. It can also bring with it mixed feelings including times of emptiness, boredom, or a wondering, "Is this all there is?". This can be another signal asking you to go deeper to create the next phase of your life holistically.


11 Ways Private Coaching Can Guide and Support You...

  • Find the right balance between your personal desires and professional goals
  • Make clearer life decisions that strengthen your confidence and allow you to operate at your best
  • Get past the noise around you and focus on true priorities through real-time guidance
  • Improve your communication and interpersonal skills, allowing your relationships to deepen and flourish
  • Stretch beyond old comfort zones that may be limiting you, and be lit up by new ways of being
  • Keep the journey of discovery alive and your outlook fresh, reducing stalled experiences
  • View things from a perspective that creates freedom and expansion
  • Develop the ability to lead and inspire others to create their best
  • Keep expanding your potential and personal growth to experience deep fulfillment
  • Know that you're listening to your inner guidance and being who you are meant to be
  • Be nourished in your personal life with the people that matter the most to you

The steps are simple.

  1. Click above to request a free confidential consultation.
  2. Answer the questions sent to you.
  3. If you are a match and there is space, confirm a time when we will get clear on your needs and how to achieve them.
  4. If there is a fit, discuss the right coaching package to meet your vision. (Only a small number of high-level clients are accepted at any one time.)



Taking time for deeper questions and learning is as important as taking action in our lives. The reflection helps us deepen into what is true instead of chasing the next new thing or constantly putting out fires. Working with an experienced coach helps you hear what's really going on within yourself and come to answers in alignment with what you really desire. There's nothing like having someone's full presence when it comes to the important things in life.

When we attempt to do this on our own, it can slow us down and diminish our enthusiasm and progress. That's why, at certain times in our life, it's so valuable to work with those that can draw us forward to what we're capable of and desire. Choosing conscious forward movement can make all the difference so we're building a future with a strong foundation from which things can grow.


What Changes Can You Expect?

Coaching is the conscious practice of using insightful questions to guide you towards your brilliance and true self. Rather than operate through old conclusions and cliche statements of how to act or what to do, it goes deeper into discovering what will generate new energy, open possibilities, and create a spaciousness in each day to act from the present moment.

Coaching guides you to view what's available from a higher vantage point. It's much easier to feel a sense of freedom when one is able to see options rather than limiting circumstances.

Relationships can be greatly enhanced as you learn to understand your real needs and to communicate in ways that can be understood. You develop an ability to go beneath the surface and hear what others are also communicating. Whether personal or in the workplace, this skill is one of the most valued in how it can improve the quality of life and connection.

The complexity and busyness of life can also be managed in a way that creates greater ease and less of a reactive catch-up experience. It's a balance of building your confidence in areas that need attention and being in clarity with what is most important to you. This shows up as you release any second-guessing that may occur and learn to grow your trust.

Aligning your day-to-day life with your vision invites in a flow that will feel more natural and easy to navigate. While challenges are a part of life and business, your ability to stay centred and, even relaxed, can grow. This is what can create a true sense of freedom from within and makes your success that much sweeter.


Request a Complimentary and Private             Executive Life Coaching Session

Once you send an email, you'll receive a questionnaire within 1-2 days. If you are a qualified match, we'll schedule your free session. It's an opportunity to dive deep and determine what you need to make confident decisions moving forward. The consultation is designed to help you:

  • Get clarity on what you want. Clearly hear yourself think by having the space to openly discuss matters important to you.
  • Understand what may be getting in your way. Receive the perspective you need with honest feedback.
  • Know what to do next. Be energized to create the life you desire.


"The coaching with Jasjit was powerful. She is fully present, and her decisively soft approach led me deep very quickly. The things she said were spot-on. She helped me see that I don’t like the direction I had taken with my business, even though it made make logical sense. I am so much more inspired again about the work I do." Jutta, Germany

I can see within you a tiny Buddha.” Gregg, Vancouver

"Coaching with you made such a difference to me. 200%. I cannot even express all the ways it helped me. It opened my mind to what is possible and grew my confidence. I can see results at work by the way people respond to me. My leadership and relational skills have improved. I am also better able to communicate at home, creating a better family life. Thank you so much." J. Sandhu, Fashion industry

"It was great to get clarity about the things that matter to me.  The coaching helped to clarify what’s important to me, what the next steps are, and how to make space by letting go of what no longer serves me. It’s been a real blessing." Danny, Los Angeles

"The work with Jasjit helped me see how my concerns around practicality and what my mind thinks is possible were getting in the way. This would sometimes lead me to feeling constrained and frustrated. She showed me how to open my thinking to allow for more expansion. This shift in perspective created more room for me to really consider what I want and have the capacity to create. I realized I was starting at the “wrong” end, and the path that she outlined would actually lead me more directly towards the fulfillment AND financial well-being that I actually envision." M. Ehab, Pharmaceutical industry

"I continue to feel increasingly empowered to make change in my life and that I CAN do what I wanted to. That I CAN find a way. It is exhilarating. POSITIVELY exhilarating. The balance has shifted." Krisztina, Urban Planner


Private Coaching Programs

Private coaching is offered in packages of 6, 9, or 12 months. The timing is determined once you've gone through a consultation and your desires and needs are clear. While there is structure to each package, individual needs are considered to help determine that which will help you progress the best. You will receive a high level of support.

Vancouver-based and international clients are welcome. Sessions are by phone or skype, which many clients value and find both convenient and effective. There can be some in-person meetings for those living in Vancouver. Year-long packages may also include an in-person day intensive in certain major cities. 



Jasjit Rai founded Joi Works in 1999 and has worked with individuals and companies ever since in organizational consulting, training/facilitation, and private coaching. She's led seminars in communication, interpersonal relations, stress management and wellness for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and coached MBA students. Jasjit coaches individuals internationally and has worked in Canada, England, and briefly in Switzerland.  She excels at working with diverse people who look to bring their visions to reality. She holds a Commerce degree with a specialization in Organizational Behaviour.

The words most often used to describe Jasjit include: inspiring, insightful, determined, wise, a clear communicator, courageous, professional, and multi-talented. She has a unique ability to work with high-level people, honing in on what will create the shifts they desire. Outside her coaching work, she's most lit up by the creative arts, travel, spiritual connection and time spent with loved ones.

Fun facts: Her geographically closest client lived one street away : Her farthest coaching client (to date) lives in Germany : Number of countries visited = 20 : Number of countries lived in = 4 : Languages spoken = 3 : a Career Highlight - helping a Divisional Director gain full staff support for restructuring to occur after previous departmental tensions : Bucket list highlight - working and being at Paris Fall Fashion Week : Unexpected path - holds a black belt in the movement practice called Nia.

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