High-Level Life & Success Coaching

for Female Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Transform your Stress into Joy & Success

Imagine going from feeling overworked and stressed out to feeling on track, energized, and in greater ease with life, in business, and in relationships.

{...and how your ability to receive this support will SHIFT your world in the ways you secretly crave 😉 }



Life suffers when we feel stretched all the time.


In fact, having a highly functional work life & a fulfilling personal life is a priority for many. This is why they invest in transforming their experience. 

This is where having a private coach becomes a real Game Changer.

The entrepreneurs & leaders that choose coaching realize it's not just a luxury but a real advantage to function optimally in their professional world AND have personal lives they love...so they truly FEEL the success they've worked so hard to achieve. Is this something you're seeking?

Change Truly is Possible

Are you at a point where you're wondering if or how you can change things? Is the price of success coming at a higher cost than you expected? Or is it leaving you burnt out and wishing for escape? Such challenge and pressure can catch up over time no matter how skilled you are. 

Where is stress stopping you from living the life you'd really love?

    • Having so many responsibilities that your real self feels lost and buried
    • Having health issues show up or stress that's becoming chronic
    • Too much focus on getting things done, but not feeling fulfillment or ease
    • Not knowing when to say 'no' and constantly on the go
    • Having your intellect running the show, while your heart's desires fall silent
    • Constantly serving others at the cost of your own natural spark
    • Playing it safe when you'd rather take new risks that feel more energizing
    • Juggling work and other peoples' needs while struggling to find time for self
    • Having relationship problems that drain your happiness

Being a highly capable woman, it can be difficult to acknowledge the signs that things aren't as you'd really like them to be. It can be highly uncomfortable. But it's by looking at it, that everything can change for the better.

Would you like to receive expert guidance on moving through life and business in a new ways that have you feel more relaxed and energized at the same time?


When a Woman Transforms out of Stress to True Empowerment...


  • She's able to activate fresh new ideas from a state of natural enthusiasm and curiousity.
  • Her life has an excitement to it that comes from knowing she's on the right path.
  • Her heart + mind work together rather than constantly at battle.
  • Her health improves and she returns to vitality and joy.
  • Her intuition speaks to her, bringing in better ways of doing things.
  • People begin relating to her differently as she returns to her power and gifts.
  • Intimacy, connection and truth return to her relationships.
  • Fun, spontaneity, playfulness, beauty, pleasure & joy re-enter her body.

Can you feel the difference with this energy? What life could you create from this place? 

Stress and burnout won't have a chance when you're back in your personal power and heart! You'll have your soul back in the picture WHILE operating at the level you are skilled at performing.

Isn't it time to have YOU back?


Begin With a Complimentary & Private Consultation

Upon getting in touch, you'll receive a questionnaire within a day. If you are a qualified match, we'll schedule your session. The consultation is designed to help you:

  • Get clear on your vision and needs. Hear yourself think by being able to confidentially discuss matters important to you.
  • Understand what is getting in your way. Receive the perspective you need with honest feedback.
  • Know what to do next. Be energized to create the life you desire.


"Your coaching was powerful. You were fully present, and your decisively soft approach led me deep very quickly. The things you said were spot-on. You helped me see that I don’t like the direction I had taken with my business, even though it made make logical sense. I am so much more inspired again about the work I do." Jutta, Germany

"Coaching with you made such a difference to me. 200%. I cannot even express all the ways it helped me. It opened my mind to what is possible and grew my confidence. I can see results at work by the way people respond to me. My leadership and relational skills have improved. I am also better able to communicate at home, creating a better family life. Thank you so much." J. Sandhu, Fashion industry

"My anxiety levels went from 9/10 to 4/10 within the first couple of months. As I continued, I was able to make new healthier decisions and now feel so much lighter, free and excited about life." RM, Restaurant Owner

"It was great to get clarity about the things that matter to me.  The coaching helped to clarify what’s important to me, what the next steps are, and how to make space by letting go of what no longer serves me. It’s been a real blessing." Danny, Los Angeles

"The work with you helped me see how my concerns around practicality and what my mind thinks is possible were getting in the way. This would sometimes lead me to feeling constrained and frustrated. She showed me how to open my thinking to allow for more expansion. This shift in perspective created more room for me to really consider what I want and have the capacity to create. I realized I was starting at the “wrong” end, and the path that she outlined would actually lead me more directly towards the fulfillment AND financial well-being that I actually envision." M. Ehab, Pharmaceutical industry

"When I started working with you, I thought it was all about getting to the next level, something out there. Now I see it's far more than that! It's not a 'thing' out there, it's a life LIVED differently. It's more pervasive and can INFUSE everything I do!" Krisztina, Urban Planner


Clients have started/grown businesses they love, changed jobs or careers to opportunities that had seemed far away, moved homes/cities for a happier life, regained their passion, connected to their fuller expression, committed to their creative pursuits, and said goodbye to old stressful ways of thinking and living. What they most commonly said, though, was how free, joyous, and empowered they felt again. And they did it within a few months rather than the years they'd been struggling on their own.

Real change is available when you say "yes" to you.

Private Coaching Packages

Private coaching is offered in packages at different levels of intensity and support. The package is determined once you've gone through a consultation and your desires and needs are clear. While there is structure to each package, it will be personalized to help YOU progress in the best way forward.

The coaching is offered internationally and sessions are by skype or phone, which is both convenient and effective. Most clients begin with a $3k or $5k USD package. The most popular package is 12 weeks of private online sessions & steady support.




Jasjit has a unique ability to work with people holistically and intuitively, honing in on what will create the shifts they desire. As she guides people to their fuller expression through their business and life, they step into greater freedom, happiness, and success. Their inner liberation is what they often rave about, along with their material results.

Outside her coaching work, she's most lit up by the creative arts, international travel, and spirituality, and design. This includes a black belt in an expressive movement practice, and fashion studies from Paris (wardrobe styling can be included in a package). 

Jasjit founded Joi Works in 1999 and has offered organizational consulting, training/facilitation, and private high-level coaching. She's led seminars in communication, interpersonal relations, stress management and wellness for management in Fortune 500 companies. She's also coached MBA students at one of Canada's top universities and for a New York business school. Jasjit has worked in Canada, Britain, and briefly in Switzerland. She holds a Business degree with a major in Organizational Behaviour, and is certified as a Coach.


Take the step to live your BEST life. Get out of stress and burnout once and for all.

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