High-Level Life & Success Coaching

for Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Transformation from Stress to Being Lit Up by Life


How my clients go from feeling overworked and fearing burnout to feeling on track, energized, and in greater ease with life and in business...

{...and how their ability to receive this support SHIFTS their world in the ways they secretly crave 😉 }

What Brings You Here?


Success is a coveted dream, yet it can come at a cost. The challenge and pressure catches up over time and no matter how skilled you are, your well-being must be top priority. 

What are some results of stress, overwhelm and the dis-ease of busyness?

  • Your body and mind can't take it anymore.
  • A part of you may feel like it has to stop working to recuperate.
  • Relationships can suffer as intimacy declines.
  • Chaos or drama occur in your life, trying to get your attention to change.


These are further examples of what begins to happen. Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

    • Being so responsibility-driven that your sense of the real you gets lost and buried
    • Operating too much in task-oriented ways where the quality of life lags behind
    • Your intellect runs the show, and your heart lags behind
    • Focus is on getting things done or on results and disconnected from meaning and purpose
    • Loss of your natural creative spark, impacting business and your personal life
    • Feeling alone or numb, disconnected from your real feelings

You CAN get out of this state and turn things around quickly when we begin getting you back in your heart and sustaining and creating success from a healthier place.

Being a highly capable woman, it can be difficult to acknowledge the signs that things aren't as you'd really like them to be. It can be highly uncomfortable to see the impact. But without looking at it, too much ends up at stake.

Here are some of the inner thoughts that arise when women get truthful with themselves:

  • "I feel I have to sacrifice my deeper needs too often in order to get things done."
  • "Things don't feel the same anymore. I'm losing my passion and drive."
  • "Sometimes I feel like a fraud, even though I'm made it this far, because I'm not happy."
  • "I used to be creative. Now there's never any time for that."
  • "I feel disconnected from my soul and intuition. I'm not really 'me' anymore."

It's natural to have feelings and thoughts like this - even while you are accomplishing many things! 

I know you are highly capable, smart, and talented, so you're not lacking in anything.

It's simply time to receive expert guidance on moving through life and business in a NEW WAY so your energy can once again expand rather than contract and have too great a cost.


Life will suffer when you feel stretched all the time.


In fact, having a highly functional work life & a fulfilling personal life is a priority for many. This is why they invest in transforming their experience. 

This is where coaching becomes a real Game Changer.

The female entrepreneurs & leaders that choose coaching realize it's not just a luxury but often a necessity and a real ADVANTAGE to function optimally in their professional world AND in their personal lives so they truly FEEL the success they've worked so hard to achieve.

What Will Shift and Transform?

This is what happens when a woman shifts out of burnout and into her true empowerment. This is what happens when she returns to her soul and intuition in business and in life:

  • Her mind is elevated to a state of natural enthusiasm and curiousity, activating new ideas
  • The day has an excitement to it that comes from knowing she's on the right track
  • Her heart + mind are in unity rather than separated and at battle
  • Her intuition speaks to her, bringing in better ways of doing things and 'best-selling' ideas
  • Her money-making ability returns or increases
  • She feels her world now energized on personal and professional levels
  • People begin relating to her differently as she returns to her power and gifts
  • Intimacy is safe to return, enhancing relationships AND work life

This is what we'll create as a team. You’ll get into motion, into a new momentum. You’ll begin acting with a freshness once again and will feel the natural enthusiasm that is LIFE itself flowing through you.

Stress and burnout won't have a chance when you're back in your power and heart.

I will show you how to keep your soul fully in the picture WHILE operating at the level you are skilled at performing. From that place, everything can change for the better.

Isn't it time to have YOU back?

Don't lose what you worked so hard to gain, get ready to transform your experience instead.


Request a Complimentary and Private Consultation

Upon getting in touch, you'll receive a questionnaire within a day. If you are a qualified match, we'll schedule your session. The consultation is designed to help you:

  • Get clear on your vision and needs. Hear yourself think by being able to confidentially discuss matters important to you.
  • Understand what is getting in your way. Receive the perspective you need with honest feedback.
  • Know what to do next. Be energized to create the life you desire.


"The coaching with Jasjit was powerful. She is fully present, and her decisively soft approach led me deep very quickly. The things she said were spot-on. She helped me see that I don’t like the direction I had taken with my business, even though it made make logical sense. I am so much more inspired again about the work I do." Jutta, Germany

I can see within you a tiny Buddha.” Gregg, Vancouver

"Coaching with you made such a difference to me. 200%. I cannot even express all the ways it helped me. It opened my mind to what is possible and grew my confidence. I can see results at work by the way people respond to me. My leadership and relational skills have improved. I am also better able to communicate at home, creating a better family life. Thank you so much." J. Sandhu, Fashion industry

"It was great to get clarity about the things that matter to me.  The coaching helped to clarify what’s important to me, what the next steps are, and how to make space by letting go of what no longer serves me. It’s been a real blessing." Danny, Los Angeles

"The work with Jasjit helped me see how my concerns around practicality and what my mind thinks is possible were getting in the way. This would sometimes lead me to feeling constrained and frustrated. She showed me how to open my thinking to allow for more expansion. This shift in perspective created more room for me to really consider what I want and have the capacity to create. I realized I was starting at the “wrong” end, and the path that she outlined would actually lead me more directly towards the fulfillment AND financial well-being that I actually envision." M. Ehab, Pharmaceutical industry

"I continue to feel increasingly empowered to make change in my life and that I CAN do what I wanted to. That I CAN find a way. It is exhilarating. POSITIVELY exhilarating. The balance has shifted." Krisztina, Urban Planner


Private Coaching Packages

Private coaching is offered in packages at different levels of intensity and support. The package is determined once you've gone through a consultation and your desires and needs are clear. While there is structure to each package, individual needs are considered to help determine that which will help YOU progress the best.

The coaching is offered internationally and sessions are by skype or phone, which many find both convenient and effective. There can be in-person meetings for those living in or travelling to Vancouver, Canada. Most packages begin with an initial payment of $2500, depending on what you choose.



Jasjit Rai founded Joi Works in 1999 and has worked in organizational consulting, training/facilitation, and private high-level coaching. She's led seminars in communication, interpersonal relations, stress management and wellness for Fortune 500 companies. She's also coached MBA students at one of Canada's top universities and for a New York business school. Jasjit has worked in Canada, Britain, and briefly in Switzerland. She holds a Business degree with a specialization in Organizational Behaviour.

Jasjit has a unique ability to work with people holistically and intuitively, honing in on what will create the shifts they desire. As she guides people to their fuller expression through their business and life, they step into greater freedom, happiness, and success.

Outside her coaching work, she's most lit up by the creative arts, travel, and spiritual connection. This includes a black belt in an expressive movement practice which she teaches on a weekly basis and studies in fashion from Paris (styling may be included in some packages). She's based in Vancouver, Canada.

Take the step to live your BEST life. Get out of stress and burnout once and for all.

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