Being YOU Can Be The Most Rebellious Act

This photo took me back to a day in my 20s. Like this young woman, I was also travelling on a train. It was in England.
Beside me sat a woman in her 40s, also of Indian background. We struck up a conversation. I told her about my travels, my views on life, the work I was doing.
She looked at me and said, “You don’t look like a REBEL.”
“Huh?” I thought, “Rebel??” 
Hmmm…she perceives my choices as rebellious. But I’m supposed to look (?) different than I do if I am rebellious?? – those were the thoughts in my head as I took in her statement.
I figured for her to make that comment…her underlying thoughts were, “You didn’t HAVE to get married?” “You’re working overseas as a SINGLE Indian woman?” “Your family LET you do that?”
She had run away from home when she was younger, stopped all contact with her family (or perhaps was “disowned”), and gone through an active rebellion on the way to finding herself. Then at some point, she integrated her experiences, and now was finally back in relationship with her family and ‘all was well’ again. My path was simply different.
And still do.
It didn’t occur to me that anyone should have a problem with it! For many this may be obvious, but for those within (any) culture that expects/accepts ONLY certain choices, this is anything but normal.
We all have these imposed boundaries given TO us – whether culture, religious, status/career, financial, gender rules that we’re told to live by. Some are useful, others are not.
Where are the LIMITS within which YOU operate? Are you even aware of them? Are you conscious of how they stop you from making new choices that can actually expand your world in the way your soul had designed you to be?
Being YOU, going deep enough to understand your own truth and living it because IT IS YOURS TO LIVE, is a GREAT REBELLION it seems. It just happens to be the one that matters.
*Secret tip*: When you get true within you, there are NO rules to break, because they don’t actually exist. Your inner being (soul) operates in its uniqueness, not on copying everyone else. You being you is the PATH of your life. And when it comes to happiness, business success, your brilliance – this is the WAY forward. From here, there is true healthy power. There are long-standing results. There is soul satisfying FREEDOM.
Living in this way is why I can so easily spot this journey in others and guide them directly to living and SHINING their truth instead of being facsimiles of everyone else. And then whole NEW DOORS OPEN in their world that never seem accessible before.
Jasjit Rai is a certified Coach who loves working with entrepreneurs ready to expand their world beyond their old paradigms of limits and judgments. As they do, they income increases while doing the work they love and is theirs to do in this world. They find ease, greater happiness, and soul-fulfilling creation. To request a private consultation, go here.
Being YOU Can Be The Most Rebellious Act

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