Align Thought + Feeling + Being


Whenever you’ve accomplished anything big, you’ve likely done 3 things within yourself that you may have never noticed. These 3 pieces come together before any action is taken. It’s called getting into ‘alignment’, or also referred to as congruence.

This means that your thoughts (mind) and feelings (body) and being (spirit) are dialled in on the same channel so to speak.

With them on the same wavelength, action is easy. You just do it! It’s an incredible feeling when this happens and makes life feel magical.

This happens naturally with activities we’re confident in and also in those situations which may be well supported by convention.

For example, buying a house is a financially scary decision for many, but because it’s condoned by society to have a big mortgage, people do it all the time without thinking of what amount goes to the banks in the process! Some people even get married because everyone around them supports it, no matter what they may really feel or want on the inside. Truth? 😉

When your thinking, feeling, and being are not aligned, that’s when you can feel a constant push/pull within you.

The sensations in your body can be any of the following: queasiness in the stomach, shallow breathing, anxiety or subtle fear. These signals are hints that alignment is off.

It may be off because it’s something new you’re desiring to accomplish or it goes against the convention of the society or community you’re in. So the thought or feeling may make you waiver or feel out of sorts initially, until you get lined up within.

If you go ahead without alignment, then don’t be surprised if things get delayed or don’t work. Your body has likely already told you that on some level. You have to learn to listen to it and understand its messages {it can be learned}.

Getting into alignment is always a best first step before decisions and actions are taken. It needn’t take long either. Again, alignment happens easily when something is a clear “yes” for you. Action occurs without much fuss or questioning.

When we go for bigger or new dreams or goals and find our alignment off, we can learn to reverse engineer by gaining further understanding of using new thoughts, accessing better feelings, and connecting with our inner being. This will help us take new actions and implement new behaviours with greater ease and confidence.

This is necessary to understand, because you will be sure to have moments when alignment will feel off and you’ll have to find your way back to it.

Being intuitive, this was something I probably took for granted most of my life. Then a few years ago, I found myself using too much mental power and thinking rather than approaching my choices holistically. That created an experience where I couldn’t feel or hear my intuition. Without it, I felt confused more often than not. Besides not feeling good, it was impacting my business flow. This may sound crazy, but even my clothes didn’t feel quite right and while I’d always been photogenic, even that wasn’t happening anymore! These were all effects of being out of alignment.

I realized a radical shift was required to get back to myself.

That’s when I remembered that it was time to return to my inner alignment, something that was in my power to do and had created many amazing opportunities in the past.

That’s when I began to dig in and explore how I did it. It felt so natural I hadn’t defined it until then! As I looked deeply into how I’d ‘conjured’ it previously, I noticed the 3 constant ingredients that were always present together: thinking + feeling + being.

As I began to define each of my states and notice what was not in alignment, I could then make the shifts necessary. It’s a subtle process, but having it come together is like going downhill on a bike with the wind in your hair! It feels like you’re gliding through life.

Getting into alignment before jumping to actions will help you stay in your power and be better able to navigate through decisions. Begin to notice it in your life and it’ll begin ‘speaking’ to you! What’s right and what feels off? Tend to it. Don’t rush ahead. Ask questions. Do the research. Discover what feels better. Keep going. This will create expansion in your world immediately and a smoother course ahead. Join my upcoming 21 Days of Expansion online program. Learn more here.

Jasjit Rai is a certified and experienced Success & Life Coach. She’s developed a21 Days of Expansion online program to guide people to create alignment to achieve their goals and dreams more smoothly. Learn more: It takes 21 days to instill a new habit, and this is one that’ll help guide you for the rest of your life!

Align Thought + Feeling + Being

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