A shift-creating program designed to expand your world by thinking and feeling your way into your dreams.


This 21 Days of Expansion is consciously designed to support you in creating one of the most valuable HABITS you could have - your ability to think AND feel anew and thereby direct your attention and energy to an expansive future - one aligned with who you truly are and what you are capable of creating. Imagine how your life would be changed by that level of clear intent.



Lots of people have some awareness of the power of their thoughts, but few really understand the feeling part. It's the integration of the two that raises one's consciousness to new realities and brings forth ideas that may have remained hidden before. And when you tune into feeling, guess what, you also find a much deeper connection to the true you and to life.


The Invisible Impact of Repetition

The vast majority of people think the same thoughts over and over each day silently and out loud. This level of repetition creates the same experiences over and over, even when they might look different on the outside. Usually these are limiting or negative thoughts and feelings.

"What are you feeding your imagination morning, noon, and night?" Neville Goddard

Working on changing thoughts alone can be a tiring, frustrating and long-drawn out process. More often than not, it'll drain you well before you reach your goals.

Through 21 Days of Expansion, learn a clear and simple way to energize yourself, instead of the complex techniques that take so much time away from living LIFE.


What if you could LIFT yourself to a higher level of consciousness in a more natural way? What if you didn't have to worry about "erasing" all your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones?

This is exactly what this 21 Days of Expansion will give you - a more natural and expedient way to keep your focus where it bears fruit. As you do this, you will feel lighter mentally, emotionally, and physically. When that happens, there is space within you for rapid 'manifestation'. It is from emptiness or the void, that creation happens. 

Normally people are too full up inside with limiting or negative thoughts, thereby repelling what they actually want. This is possible to shift. All the great inventors, creators, artists, and leaders in any category know to harness their thought and feeling towards their true aims. Become part of that tribe.

Why 21 Days?

It is known that it takes 21 days to create a new HABIT, so that is what you'll do in a clear, guided, and structured way that'll allow you to focus naturally without having to spend hours trying to 'reprogram' yourself. Science has proven how we can actually affect our our change from within. And this is what you'll get to do.

By shifting your attention using new *energetically-focused* questions, you'll experience greater ease in the way you be and act. This energetics is what creates that lightness because it opens the way for inspiration. It works with the subconscious mind. This is a higher vibration of presence than most people ever tune into.

Einstein said, "We can't solve our current problems with the same level of thinking."

In other words, we have to shift into a higher level of awareness FIRST in order to receive breakthrough ideas.

Higher consciousness gives you ACCESS to new ways  and levels of thinking that NATURALLY bring space, solutions, energy, abundance, love, and what is nowadays known as 'manifestation' or actualization.




How Does this Work?

Every day in your in-box, you will receive one simple focusing tool (e.g. a very specific energetic question).

You will be asked to spend a few minutes taking it in and letting your energy and awareness expand (you'll get these details with info on HOW and WHY it works). There'll be nothing else to think of, simply 1 clear focus.

Over 21 days, you will significantly expand your awareness and which will invite in new opportunities or the desires you seek. This will all be woven into your natural day without you having to take extensive amounts of time preparing or working on it. This stuff works.  {And you can keep it up even after the program, once your practice is honed.}

Imagine, how it would be if your mind was open, free, expansive and working on behalf of your true dreams instead of against them?

Have you been hoping, wishing, praying for a way to simply be more of the real you and live the life you really want?

What might you be guided towards creating? 

Let this 21 day Expansion program gently yet surely support you and align you in feeling, thought, and being.


Price: $97

Receive 21 expansion tools directly in your in-box (one per day so they're easy to apply) along with guidance on merging thinking+feeling, to pave the way for the new energy and reality you seek.

Clear, simple, structured & almost 'magical'.




What Happens with 1 ALIGNED Insight of Clear Thought and Feeling? 

It can create new worlds or realities. By getting out of your own way, there is opportunity for real choice to occur. And, it can be applied in any area of life that's deeply important to you to:

  • Light each day with a newfound enthusiasm, curiousity, and joy
  • Bring you specific ideas for job or career opportunities that use more of your brilliance
  • Activate momentum in your business, creating better results than in previous months
  • Connect you to a $10K, $100K, $1 Mil dollar idea - whatever is truly ripe for you
  • Inspire an adventure or project that your soul is ready for now
  • Create more ease, spaciousness and vitality in your day and reduce stress by 25% or more
  • Enrich and invite in great relationships as you deepen your connection to your true self
  • Be in clear action and out of confusion, knowing how to pivot your awareness instantly

What would this be worth to you? Imagine the gift of this energetic presence in your own life, gently shaping it towards your true dreams while you gain a new way of more effortless being and creating.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does it mean that the tools are energetically focused? 

A. Ordinary questions produce ordinary results. They are too linear based and don't allow for true creative thought. There are ways to focus and ask a question that actually OPENS the energy beyond your normal thinking patterns. That is what allows for true expansion. This will be explained in the introduction you'll receive. It is a holistic way of manifesting that can feel much more light and fun, bringing feminine+masculine approaches together.

Q. Why is feeling important?

A. People are thinking thoughts ALL day. Working to change these alone is draining and challenging. Feelings bring you into the present moment and slows the thinking process down enough for you to actually assess the choices in front of you.

Many thoughts actually arise out of feelings too. When you learn to choose better feelings - in ALIGNMENT with the thoughts about your dreams - this brings them closer. When you can't feel or sense them happening, that keeps them separate.





We've just come through the Leo Solar Eclipse, the encouragement to expand to a heart-centred space. Here are words from an astrologer on this time of shift:

“It is a good idea to take the time to reprogram the human GPS, to see if one is driving to the destination they want or…driving on autopilot.” Donna Page, Astrologer

Get your GPS activated...let's create a movement of positive, expansive thinking AND feeling. The world needs it.

With the fall season arriving, you will be set up with an open mind + heart for the rest of this year with clarity and true empowerment. 

Remember, all the greatness in the world began with a thought, an idea, a feeling. This change in habit can have an impact in your life that you never imagined.

It's truly what we all long for...aliveness in our days matched by feeling genuinely connected, on purpose, and with our personal power intact within us to create the realities we know to be possible. 


(C) Copyright, Joi Works, 2017