From early on, I saw life as a place to be and express ourselves fully. I couldn't think of a better reason to be 'here'! I saw it full of options, opportunities to create, experiences, relationships, and self-expression. Over time, I realized this wasn't the opinion everyone held and whoa, challenges would arise to take us off that path. That didn't make it any less important. So I continue choosing this path where real joy leads to help create uplifting lives and businesses. Are you with me?

Questions that accompany this path: What is your highest excitement or purpose? What brings out your vitality, joy, passion, and brilliance? What has you feel and be alive? What has you shine in this world so that you can share it with others? What must you do in this one life?

If this sound exciting to you and you are guided to work with a coach, mentor, teacher to live your fulfillment out in your life or business, then I invite you to explore my offerings. Caution: a positive view of life, a passion for growth, a desire for a fuller self-expression, a love of both being and action, and a willingness to meet challenges are prerequisites.


Fulfillment. We all know what it feels like, yet it's so easy to forget in the pursuit of getting things done, tending to life's demands, or doing what we think we need or should do. So, answering the question of your life's fulfillment is more than a luxury - it is your life. Knowing and living it is what life coaching is about. It's about having a life well lived, not by the expectations of others, but of your own deep desires. And if you are ready to go beyond your current reality, that's when the transformational part kicks in. Learn more here.


Business is a form of creation. We want our efforts to grow our creation and as every entrepreneur knows, that requires a mix of different elements, the primary one being you! So it is absolutely essential to have support that brings out your best and a 'template' that allows your talents to flow. My gifts are in the ability to help you: know your vision, determine the right design, truly embody the role you are playing or what you are creating, and establish the environment that has the power to support you

As these come into alignment, your business will be available and ready for the opportunities that are a true match. Set yourself up for success and you'll be able to do your magic! To learn more, go here.


One of my 'secret weapons' to keep myself energized, creative, healthy, and inspired while running my business has been the movement (dance/fitness) practice Nia. It's truly movement medicine for the body and soul! It's perfect for those who seek fitness, joy, and pleasure in a fun modality. Nix mixes fluid (yin) and cardio (yang) elements for a full body conditioning workout. The connection to your body's innate intelligence is heightened to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being through its holistic approach. Join the weekly class in downtown Vancouver.


Jasjit Rai created Joi Works in 1999 to bring the experience of success and fulfillment together in the way people live, work, relate and create. She's consulted for organizations, taught in universities, created positive growth and change within non-profits and now, primarily, works privately with individuals ready to transform their lives and businesses into that which they imagine. Warm, direct, wise, highly intentful, and perceptive, she naturally wins the hearts of her clients to do that which may appear difficult. Her creative abilities and expression fuel all that she does and brings to the table.


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