Create the life and business you know to be possible. As you choose and commit to the path, you will claim your personal power, find clarity, discover the confidence to take inspired and right actions, operate more in your brilliance, and experience a greater freedom. This is the way of visionaries, leaders, dreamers, entrepreneurs, artists...those who choose to create.

Life is n o w. 


What will it take for you to be present and act upon what you’re here to create in your life and in your business? What will place you on a path that meets your fulfillment in heart, mind, and soul - now?

How can your energy be best directed towards creating what you want? What is your optimal state – the ‘vibration’ at which you are aligned to your most natural self?

Asking powerful questions such as these is what creates new pathways in which you can move. They take you beyond your current level of awareness which is the only way to have true change, inner transformation, and outer results. 

The energy of joy is the guiding light that facilitates action and choice more than anything else. Joy infused in your expression and being on a frequent basis is what affects the quality of your experiences and what happens. 

In your true joy, your expression naturally pours forth. You’re just ‘you’! You don’t have to think about it, or pretend, or ‘act as if’. You simply are. And in that state – things happen. Right connections are made. Progress is swift. So-called mistakes quickly become learning, chartering new territory.

You feel confident in taking the action required. Most importantly, you become alive and engaged. Life has meaning and you begin to thrive.

But if dreams and visions were so easy to achieve, we would all be there without hesitation, heartache, or strife.

Many things get in the way, including ourselves, our thoughts and old beliefs. Whether we think it’s outside circumstances that keep us from reaching our goals or we’re battling inner demons that say we’re not good enough or it’s not possible for us – it really is a hero’s journey to choose otherwise. 

Joi Works is a path to guide you forward when you are ready to say YES to you. Private coaching is the primary service so your journey can be accelerated and supported with wisdom, new skills, expansive thought, and joyful action. 

The dance and movement practice, Nia, is a way to harness your energy, access joy and playfulness, while becoming fit and aware of the subtler nuances of energy work. A weekly class is available in Vancouver.


Imagine having an experienced guide alongside you who is able to help you see your business and life from a higher vantage point so you can direct your energies most effectively to create what you want and express more of yourself. Does that feel exciting? If so, do connect.

As you tap into your true nature, your business and life cannot help but expand and you’ll have access to your innate joy. This shifts the way you think, feel, act and engage with the world, creating a powerful ripple effect.

What will your ripple effect be?

In Joi,


Joi Works in the World

 “When we get to be ourselves, the success in our lives is that much sweeter.”

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