Joi Works

Transforming your Life and Career


Do you have a desire to design your career and life to bring out your fullest expression, fulfillment and success? As you allow the fuller expression of your self to show up, you will expand your life and invite in opportunities that are a match. As you live more of you, life can become more exciting because you are centred in your own being and power which ultimately shows up as confidence, happiness, and presence.

Become empowered to make decisions that will lead you to what you want.

As a Life and Success Coach, I offer the tools, mindset, and support to draw your desires, talents, and vision forth so that life is indeed the story you desire it to be, working from the inside out to arrive at clarity and create a foundation of fulfillment and action. Imagine how expressing more of your being and your talents could impact your life, career/business, and your relationships.

I also offer two unique services that bring out your expression in a creative form – to enrich the way you show up in the world – and those are the Nia Movement/Fitness Practice and Personal Styling. These can support your embodiment of a “new you”. It’s amazing how empowering these can be in going from the linear mind to an intuitive self. They’ll have you enter inspiration.


“When we get to be ourselves, the success in our lives is that much sweeter. It is by going within to discover our character that we can uncover what’s been there all along. That level of clarity is absolutely necessary to achieve our dreams and be fulfilled in the process.”

As you connect to more joy in your life, it expands and has a ripple effect on the way you think, feel, act and engage with the world.

What is your ripple effect? Let’s make it incredible.

In Joi,