Live into a greater intimacy with the life force that moves through the fullest expression of your life's calling.

Your life calling is an expression of you. 

Does the following describe you? You desire to play a bigger game coming from your fuller expression, purpose, soul or deeper passion. You are ready to move more from your brilliance, your genius, what you're here to create.

You know to work hard when it's needed, can be highly attentive to detail, but you can get caught in overthinking far too much and in the busyness of life's minutae.

You desire experiences of deeper engagement, connection, fulfillment, higher awareness, and passion. Yet, your stubbornness or perfectionism can get you stuck or caught where you don't want to be. Perhaps you even overcommit at the expense of your own needs. And, your inner wish to be liked can stop your own desires from being met.

You get things done and you do them well. You can lead or create at a high level. The question is: are you actually doing so, or is your attention crowded by other things? 

Your version of success includes the soul, meaning it has to really connect with you. You do value material success and work towards's just that you are also driven by the inner journey, personal expression and a deeper satisfaction.

You have a visionary aim in your work, business, art, or venture, but you must soar high enough above day-to-day concerns to live it. Sometime your desire to serve others can block your own expression and vision.

Now you feel that it’s time to do things differently. You know this means shedding an old identity, old energies, so a new own can shine forth that is more inclusive of all of you, bringing out the unique view only you can see and create.

You seek the right guide, a coach who can see you and lead you to live your vision and bring it to fruition.



Fulfillment, truth, expression. We all know what it feels like, yet it's so easy to forget in the pursuit of getting things done, tending to life's demands, or doing what we think we need or should do. So, answering the question of your life's fulfillment is more than a luxury - it is your life. Knowing and living it is what life coaching is about. It's about having a life well lived, not by the expectations of others, but of your own deep desires. Learn more here.


When we are ready for the next level of our life calling, we are asked to raise our game in ways that will be new to us. This means knowing where we want to go and aligning all part of ourselves to match it. No matter if it's business growth, a creative venture, or expanding a career, our mindset + energy + actions must join together. So it is absolutely essential to have support that brings out your best and a 'template' that allows your genius to come out. My gifts are in the ability to help you: get truthful about your vision, determine the right design/services, guide you to embody the role you are creating, and bring in new elements while letting go of ones that no longer fit or work.

Set yourself up for success and you'll be able to do your magic! To learn more, go here.

One of my 'secret weapons' to keep myself energized, creative, healthy, and inspired while running my business has been the movement (dance/fitness) practice, Nia. It's movement medicine for the body & soul. Nia mixes fluid and cardio elements for a full body conditioning workout. Your connection to the body's innate intelligence is heightened to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Join the weekly class in downtown Vancouver.


Jasjit Rai created Joi Works in 1999 to bring the experience of success and fulfillment together in the way people live, work, relate and create. Clear, highly perceptive, direct, wise, and intentful, she naturally wins the hearts of her clients to do that which may appear difficult. Her creative abilities and expression fuel all that she does and brings to the table.


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