Joi Works

Movement, Style, Transformation


Joi Works helps you design your career and life for your fullest expression, fulfillment and success. As you allow your expression to grow, you expand your life. As you live more of you, life becomes more exciting and it flows. Get ready to transform through:

    • Life and Success Coaching       Movement Arts      Personal Styling

When we hold parts of ourselves back, especially our true presence, we don’t have access to our full power and vitality. We must learn to treasure ourselves in ways that we were never taught and cultivate our wishes so they become a reality. Imagine how sharing more of your soulful self could have an incredible impact on your life, career or business, and relationships.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    • Are you expressing your true self and achieving your desires?
    • Do you feel held back from really being you, accepting life as “ok”?
    • Is your desired vision supported by  your career, lifestyle, and daily actions?
    • Do you keep feeling, ‘there must be more’?
    • Are you waiting to be seen, noticed, recognized for who you are?
    • Does your world feel expansive or is it stifled and limited?
    • Do you honour your desires or put them aside for comfort and ‘safety’?
    • How do you show up the way you speak, move, express?

Answering these questions honestly will begin an important journey for you, one of self-discovery, expression, and realizing your dreams. Your expression is your essence shining forth.


Our truth needs to be heard in our world. Blocked expression can lead to the pain of stress, loneliness, and depression. It often limits our life and career aspirations, keeping us playing small and adapting to limited conditions. It is in these moments that we need to take stock and begin to change our own behaviours and thoughts to ones that will empower us and connect us back with our hearts and our potential for joy.

You can begin to ride your life with a sense of adventure, knowing, and inner freedom when you allow yourself to be fully expressed. The world needs all of you. Are you ready to come out?

Through Joi Works you will gain the tools, mindset, and support to draw your expression forth so that life is indeed the story you desire it to be, working from the inside out to create a foundation of  fulfillment and action. 

When we get to be ourselves, the success in our lives is that much sweeter. It is by going within to discover our character that we can uncover what’s been there all along. That level of clarity is absolutely necessary to achieve our dreams and be fulfilled in the process.

Imagine your life and life’s work being shaped and sculpted by your truth. How would that feel? What would it look like? And what could you create? These are important questions, ones that will take you further than you now know.

As you connect to more joy in your life, it expands and has a ripple effect on the way you think, feel, act and engage with the world. And those ripples shimmer back to you the same. What is your ripple effect? Let’s make it incredible.

In joi,