As an entrepreneur, highly creative visionary, or someone who is ready to take their life and work to a new level, here are some questions:

Are you looking to harness your genius, your star power, your specific brilliance? 

Do you want to be able to express your specific talents and gifts in a way that draws in a higher level of opportunity?

Would you like to know how to optimize your energy towards results and your happiness?

Do you have multiple ideas, interests, or projects in mind and desire and have difficulty choosing which to pursue and focus on?

Are you keen to be guided to see what you really need to see to create the change you're bring your business to life, your vision to life, your expression to life in a new way or on a larger platform?

Would you like to have greater sensitivity to what’s going on at a deeper level within and without to understand how to create the kind of shifts you're seeking?

Do you find yourself second-guessing how others will feel or respond to your ideas or approach, holding back or striking forward blindly at times?

Do you long for more joy, happiness, spontaneity in the way you create in your business?

Does moving more from your inner self, soul, higher guidance attract you?

Having spent a fair amount of time thinking about your bigger dream, are you ready to step into it and create it?

If you answered 'yes' to more than one of these questions, you may be a good fit for private high-level coaching - designed to serve you in creating the business and life that will have you breathe freely and feel a newfound enthusiasm, taking you to new heights.


Your unique self and expression is a gift that was given to you.

Each of us has a calling and a unique way of being and expressing. The more you are able to live that, the greater will be your fulfillment.

You likely have a lot of energy to give to the world, to projects, and to people. In the busyness of life, it is essential to reflect and move forward with intention and purpose. Otherwise you feel lost or succumb to everyone else's needs but your own. The potential of ideas and different avenues may also be overwhelming and distracting.

If you are keen to receive insight and guidance on what needs to shift so that you can move forward, bring your story to life, to bring your business to life, your relationships to life, or whatever is most important...then you've come to the right place.

My work is to guide people to their success. Everything we choose and do has an impact. What will your ripple effect be? 


Fulfillment. We all know what it feels like, yet it's so easy to forget in the pursuit of getting things done, tending to life's demands, or doing what we think we need or should do. So, answering the question of your life's fulfillment is more than a luxury - it is your life. Knowing and living it is what life coaching is about. It's about having a life well lived, not by the expectations of others, but of your own deep desires. And if you are ready to go beyond your current reality, that's when the transformational part kicks in. Learn more here.


Business is a form of creation. We want our efforts to grow our creation and as every entrepreneur knows, that requires a mix of different elements, the primary one being you! So it is absolutely essential to have support that brings out your best and a 'template' that allows your talents to flow. My gifts are in the ability to help you: know your vision, determine the right design, truly embody the role you are playing or what you are creating, and establish the environment that has the power to support you.

As these come into alignment, your business will be available and ready for the opportunities that are a true match. Set yourself up for success and you'll be able to do your magic! To learn more, go here.

One of my 'secret weapons' to keep myself energized, creative, healthy, and inspired while running my business has been the movement (dance/fitness) practice Nia. It's truly movement medicine for the body and soul! It's perfect for those who seek health, joy, and pleasure in a fun modality. Nia mixes fluid (yin) and cardio (yang) elements for a full body conditioning workout. The connection to your body's innate intelligence is heightened to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being through its holistic approach. Join the weekly class in downtown Vancouver.


Jasjit Rai created Joi Works in 1999 to bring the experience of success and fulfillment together in the way people live, work, relate and create. She's consulted for organizations, taught in universities, created positive growth and change within non-profits, and now works privately with individuals ready to transform their lives and businesses into that which they imagine. Clear, perceptive, direct, wise, and highly intentful, she naturally wins the hearts of her clients to do that which may appear difficult. Her creative abilities and expression fuel all that she does and brings to the table.


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